Lactose intolerance a short guide and test!

3/4th of Asian people are actually lactose sensitive and many are intolerant, we hardly know about this. So, here to help you out with we made a short article to share some information on this problem and a simple test to figure if you’re affected or not.

 Contents to be noted :
  • Quick information
  • Test

Quick information :

Lactose intolerance means our body cannot digest (lactose) dairy products easily.

Lactose is a naturally found sugar In milk or dairy products.

This is mainly caused due to the inability to fully digest the sugar(lactose) in dairy.

This happens because small intestine cannot make an enzyme called lactase which our body needs to break down Lactose.

Symptoms include pain in abdomen, indigestion, gas, and nausea.

This is common in adults and should not be ignored.


A simple test we recommend to know if your lactose intolerant is just leaving Dairy for 3 to 4 weeks and Retake it, if your body readily accepts it and you feel great you and dairy are BFF’s.

If you feel bloated and gassy or have cramps and nausea within a few hours of drinking milk or eating milk products.

it could be lactose intolerance and should stop consuming dairy products it is not good for you.

We know milk is a part of our families but health should be taken the first priority.

Cow or buffalo milk is not for you.  the best substitute is replacing dairy milk with soy or almond milk.

Everyone should try this test at home, Know this before it affects you and your closed ones!

This is a normal article to just to help you out by giving you a little info on the above-mentioned topic.

If you feel you have above symptoms we strongly recommend consulting a Doctor before leaving dairy products.

We at FitSpan always recommend Doctor suggestion and take all the required test.

Don’t neglect any problem even if it appears small.

Always lead a healthy life and help your friends and family to protect their loved ones.

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